Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Angels In Our Midst

A few weeks ago I wrote about a flight I did to Sikeston, MO to pick up a Newfoundland and her eight puppies. Once the mother made it to Appleton, WI, we found out that her heart was terribly enlarged from heartworms and the vet felt that there was nothing he could do. The puppies were quickly being weened, the mother was being kept comfortable. She was fed four times a day and had put on almost ten pounds. They had thought that they would have to put her down last week. The pilot that meets me in Chicago and then takes the dogs on to Appleton, and I had decided that we wanted to go up and see her one last time and if she was going to have to be put down, we wanted to be with her. The story is not over yet. A woman from Minnesota came in and fell in love with her. You can see that she is quite a dog. She touches the heart of everyone who comes in contact with her. This woman took Maggie to the University of Minnesota's Veterinary School at her own expense. She promised that Maggie would not be used as a quinea pig. If they felt that they could save her, good, but if not, she would be put down. At this point, Maggie is still with us. The vets are trying a slow kill of the heart worms. The traditional method is very aggressive and would kill Maggie.

Warren and I decided that we would still like to go up and visit the puppies. I had never been to the rescue, so I was anxious to meet Glenda and Mary and see the facility.

What a wonderful day it was. There's nothing like a puppy to energize the soul.

In this picture you see me with arms full of dogs. In my right arm is a puppy, Sasha, who is available for adoption. She is the sweetest, happiest little dog. In my left arm is my own Little Bit. Next to me is Glenda and then Warren.

Doing rescue flights is one of the greatest joys of Warren's life.

When we arrived, the puppies were being kept together and away from the other dogs while they are being dewormed. Nothing serious, just normal puppy things that need to be done.

Once they were out of the cage, they were all over the place. It was impossible to get a picture.
They also have a few cats. Glenda said that the cats stay longer than the dogs. These three little munchkins were so precious.

And this beauty, so regal.

Before we left, the puppies had been corraled and were peacefully sleeping, getting restored for their next adventure.

I was so impressed with the facility. The building is beautiful. Glenda said that it had been donated to them. Incredible generosity. They have a wonderful team of volunteers that along with Glenda and Mary keep the facility spotless. With all that they have been given, they are still in need. This is about so much more than rescuing animals. Lives are changed. If you read my blog from March 15th, A Glimpse of Heaven, you see the difference a pet can make in someone's life. Glenda and Mary, along with their team are truly angels in our midst. Thank you for all you do.

If you would like to make a donation, anything would be appreciated, even just a few dollars.

The website for Chances Animal Rescue is http://www.chancesanimalrescue.com/.

You can reach the rescue by calling (920)882-5020.

Their address is;

Chances Animal Rescue

2705 S. Lake Rd.

Appleton, WI.

None of the donations that are given to Chances never goes to a pilot for fuel. Each pilot that rescues an animal donates their time, their plane and their fuel.


  1. Thanks for the update on Maggie. I was so hoping that someone would take her under their wing.

  2. Thanks for having her in your thoughts Martha.